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In 1948, Walter J. “Doc” Daugherty of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society proposed that an annual West Coast convention be started for West Coast fans who couldn’t afford to travel east each year. The first Westercon was held in September, 1948. It was a one-day event with an attendance of 77. It wasn’t until 1951 that the Westercon became a weekend-long event, settled into the July 4th holiday and began traveling to different cities.








Nancy Kress is known for her Hugo and Nebula-winning novella Beggars in Spain. Kress won the Nebula Award for Best Novella in 2013 for “After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall”, and again in 2015 for “Yesterday’s Kin”.



   Progress Report Day 0 Nancy Kress
 Progress Report Day 0 Rebecca Moesta


Rebecca Moesta’s solo work includes novels in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Junior Jedi Knights series, short stories, nonfiction articles, and ghost writing. With husband Kevin J. Anderson, she wrote the Crystal Doors trilogy, fourteen Young Jedi Knights novels, six movie or game novelizations, a Star Trek graphic novel, two Star Wars pop-up books, and original graphic novel Grumpy Old Monsters.





Jeff Sturgeon’s work has graced hardback and paperback books, ebooks, magazines, CDs and album covers, and video games. His work has been displayed in the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. In a former life, Jeff was a long-time computer game artist/art director, most notably with Electronic Arts Seattle.



 Progress Report Day 0 Jeff Sturgeon
 Progress Report Day 0 Margaret Davis Kristoph Klover


Margaret Davis and Kristoph Klover perform original arrangements of Celtic music from the British Isles and the Medieval and Renaissance melodies of the European courts and countrysides. Their entrancing sound features tight harmonies and is built on the interweaving of soaring vocals with Celtic harp, octave mandolin, 6- and 12-string guitars, flute, recorders, and tin whistle.





VENUE – The Westin Westminster Note: The hotel has changed to The Hyatt Regency. See PR 1 or our Hotel Page.

10600 Westminster Boulevard, Westminster, CO, 80020                        303-410-5000                       $119/night

Check the Westercon 71 website for the reservation web link in the coming weeks.


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Westercon.Org Future Bid Information


Utah Only Bid for 2019 Westercon

April 17, 2017

Westercon 70 in Tempe announced today that as of the April 15, 2017 filing deadline, one bid filed to host the 2019 West Coast Science Fantasy Conference.
Utah for 2019 is a bid to host Westercon 72 at the Hilton Garden Inn and Davis Conference Center in Layton, Utah (approximately 25 mi/40 km north of downtown Salt Lake City) over the weekend of July 3rd – July 7th, 2019.

Members of Westercon 70 in Tempe will vote this summer to choose the site of Westercon 72. Westercon 70 will issue the site selection ballot soon. All attending and supporting members of Westercon 70 may vote in the site selection election. 

First 2020 Westercon Bid Deadline is December 31

If you are with a group that wants to bid for the right to host the 2020 West Coast Science Fantasy Conference (Westercon 73), note that the first of several bid filing deadlines is December 31, 2017. Currently, only sites in the Northern and Southern portions of western North America (as defined in the Westercon Bylaws) are eligible to bid. If no bids file by December 31, 2017 (and none have filed as of the time we posted this), then most of the Central Zone (except the immediate vicinity of the Westercon 71 site in Denver) also becomes eligible. So if you're bidding and you're from the North or South, you should file before the end of 2017 to "lock out" the Central zone.

If your group wants to bid to host Westercon 73 (2020), you need to file the required documents with Westercon 71 (2018, Denver). The documents are: 1. A cover letter declaring your intent to bid and listing at least two officers (Chair and Treasurer) and the specific dates you plan to hold your Westercon should you win. 2. An organizing document (such as bylaws). 3. A letter of intent or similar document from your proposed facility. 4. If in the USA, proof that your organization is a non-profit association or corporation. Send these documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to file your bid.

Regardless of whether or not any bids file by December 31, 2017, only bids filed on or before April 15, 2018 will appear on the Westercon site selection ballot. For the detailed rules for Westercon, including the exact specification of the bidding zones and filing requirements, see Article 3 of the Westercon Bylaws in the Current Papers section of the Westercon web site at http://www.westercon.org/organization/business/

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